Systemic process and team management

Learn how to think strategically, manage risk, set up business processes, lead a team, and control personal and work time

The manager’s task is to organize the processes so that everything works without him

When the work processes are set up, the manager can easily go on vacation and be sure that his colleagues will cope with all the tasks.

For this purpose it is necessary to organize the work systematically, to teach the employees to set priorities independently, to motivate the team and to lead it to the common goal.

What will change in your job after the course

  1. Start introducing new processes and tools easily, without resistance from colleagues. Save time and resources
  2. Motivate employees to grow, increase autonomy and initiative of the team
  3. Stop working in rush mode, reduce unplanned tasks and free up time for important projects
  4. Prioritize tasks and projects and take some of the processes off your hands so you won’t have to focus on too many tasks and won’t be afraid to go on vacation

The course is based on practice

You will apply the new skills directly to your work tasks, receive expert advice, and begin implementing useful changes during the training process

Immediately you will begin to apply new skills to work tasks and will be able to

Optimize business processes

Understand all elements of your current system, identify workloads, resources, and steps for successful process optimization

Achieve strategic goals

Learn how to allocate your resources in operational and tactical management – and switch your attention to strategic tasks in time

Manage team resources and time

Learn how to plan your team’s resources and time from project initiation to implementation to reduce personal interference and get everything done

Train employees and delegate tasks

You will understand how to analyze the work of the team, to develop employees and motivate them for results. You will be able to train your team and distribute part of your tasks

Your resume after training

Process and team management

Key skills

  • Build, describe and debug business processes
  • Plan team resources and time to properly allocate workload
  • Break down business objectives into tasks: prioritize and sift unnecessary
  • Manage change: anticipate and assess risks through analysis of business processes
  • Allocate responsibility for processes and results among employees
  • Delegate tasks to save personal resources for strategic goals
  • Implement a system for training and onboarding new employees
  • Identify control points for team results and build feedback
  • Use strategic vision to scale business processes
  • Build a trajectory for business and self development through systemic, critical, and strategic thinking

Tools and methods

  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • ADL Matrix
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • RACI Matrix
  • Time Management
  • Situational Leadership
  • OKR
  • KPI
  • Dilts Pyramid
  • GROW model

Lots of practice
You will create a new system of business processes and team management, and the expert will give recommendations on how to improve it

Support and encouragement
Throughout the course, mentors and instructors will support you and help you achieve your goals

Video lectures
Learn the theory at your convenience. All video lectures will remain in your personal account and you can always return to the material

We’ll give you your money back if the training doesn’t work out

You can get your money back at any moment. During the first three lessons we will give you a full refund, and starting from the fourth – we calculate the amount of refund or help you to choose another course instead.

Any questions?

Will there be support and communication with experts during the training?

The program includes online sessions with experts where you will be able to communicate, solve cases, and ask questions about the material you’ve learned. You will also be able to ask questions in your personal account.

How will I do my internship on the course?

There are several internship formats in the program. Assignments with review, where experts comment on your work and give advice and feedback. Assignments for independent performance. Tests and quizzes. We recommend that you do all assignments so that you can practice each new skill.

How much time per week will I have to spend on training?

Classes will appear on the platform twice a week. You will need about five hours a week to study all of the materials.